We have a showroom located on Blessington Lake. Please contact Philip to arrange an appointment to view our Hobie products.

Follow your Sat Nav and/or map to Blessington Village. It's about 30 minutes down the N81 which you can get to from the M50 (through Tallaght).

Once an appointment is made with Philip he will provide instructions for how to get to our warehouse.

We also have a deep anchorage right on the lakeside so taking a test drive is easy.

We are located in a huge man-made reservoir (over 500 acres of water) which was created by damming the Liffey Valley in the 1940s. The waters rose first in the Liffey Valley and then into the larger, adjoining, King's River Valley, a tributary of the Liffey. As there are two valleys involved, Poulaphouca Reservoir is commonly known as the "Blessington Lakes". The reservoir provides vital water and electricity for Dublin city.

During the creation of the dam and reservoir many houses and some small villages were evacuated and flooded by the new "lake".

Today the Poulaphouca Reservoir is popular as a venue for water sports and a very important habitat for wildlife, especially waterbirds.